Like so many little girls, I started playing around with makeup as soon as I was able to reach the bathroom counter where my mom kept her everyday frosty blue eye shadow and no-less-frosty pink lipstick... (it was the 70's)

 For special occasions though, she had this blood-red lipstick, which, of course, matched her nail polish to perfection. Now, I have always thought my mom was the most beautiful woman in the world (she still is!) even bare faced, but when she had her red lipstick on, she was just something else. She became someone else. She just stood differently. I learned later on what it was: confidence. When she took the time, when she made the extra effort, she looked good, and she knew it!

 To me, the best part of my work is watching the change in a woman through the power of make up: not just the physical transformation, but the subtle and gradual change in her demeanor: she looks at herself in the mirror as if for the first time. Speechless, noticing how the skin is clear, the eyes bright, the lips luscious... - "wait, is that ME???" -  Soon the shock gives way to pure pleasure: - "Girl, I look GOOD!" - and there it is: She stands up straighter, she looks into her own eyes like she's seeing a brand new person and finally she smiles in recognition -  "I knew you were in there all along, hot stuff!"