A look behind the scenes: A blACKbook wedding

September is wedding month in Nantucket: wherever you look on a Saturday odds are you will see a vintage car with a "Just Married" sign on the back, or a wedding procession happily strolling down Main Street, or a church door congested with very elegant people waiting to congratulate bride and groom on their way out the door for the very first time as Mr. and Mrs. And let's not forget the couples patiently waiting to get their picture taken at the most classic spot downtown. You know the one.

I love wedding days: yes,  for the most part it's a stressful day for all involved. So many details to take care off, trying to keep everyone happy and the race against the clock to get where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there. There are brides and grooms and mothers of both, and photographers, and florists, and officiants, and bridesmaids, the drivers, the cake, did I mention the mother of the bride? the hair, the dress, where are my shoes, please don't let me forget the rings, it.just.cannot.rain.today! It's glorious chaos, and through the whole day there is this vibe in the air, of anticipation and new beginnings and excitement and "I just can't wait to..." and love. There is love, lots of it. And beautiful dresses, and radiant brides and fragrant flowers and the bubbly is flowing and there are quite a few misty eyes... and every moment is a memory to be savored. So yes, it's hectic, and it's amazing. Best day ever!

Photo by Charlotte Carey Photography

This time the Nantucket blACKbook wanted to explore this special part of Nantucket life. Click HERE for the 1st installment, and HERE for the 2nd.

Primping always comes first...

 Hair by the fabulous Lindsay of R.J. Miller Salon fame... Makeup by me...

Photo by Nantucket blACKbook

Every step being captured by September Productions' camera. Isn't she beautiful?

The lovely Jax sporting the Nantucket bridal classic look: fresh and glowing...

Shooting took the best part of the afternoon and the following morning, with the pre-wedding scenes being shot at the Harborview Place. What a beautiful place! Who wouldn't love to wake up and step off your deck directly onto the beach? The team really put it all together...

Some of the final images...

And check out the video by September Productions:

Weddings are the best... even the "fake" ones.

Pretty Talk

You can take no credit for beauty at sixteen. But if you are beautiful at sixty, it will be your soul’s own doing.
— Marie Stopes

Take Five: Hot summer winners

Ummm, not sure if you have noticed, but it's summer. Yep, it's hot out. Like really hot. And super humid. 

So here you are, enjoying the long days, the beach, the "al fresco"dining... what you do not enjoy is watching your carefully applied makeup slide right off of your face about 5 minutes after you put it on. 

Worry not, help is on the way! Here are my latest picks to add to your summer arsenal, stay pretty all day and assure you keep as fresh and cool as that frozen margarita you are sipping...

The trick is to stick to light-weight formulas that feel like you're wearing nothing at all and avoid unnecessary products: the less there is on your face, the least prone it will be to melting.

1. MASCARA: if you are like me, mascara tends to transfer onto lids and cheeks for no apparent reson. Oily skin and sweat will do nothing but accelerate the process! Go waterproof: once it dries it's on until you take it off with an oily remover.

2. FOUNDATION: if at  all possible, skip it. If you still need some coverage, try a BB Cream instead. This one by Garnier really covers with a natural color, has a satiny finish and a built-in SPF 15. Bonus!

3. BRONZER: don't bother with powders right now, odds are they won't set right on the skin and might cake up... this little magic potion will give you a subtle hint of bronze color while adding luminosity to the skin... don't abuse it, though, a little is enough, there's a fine line between glowy bronze skin and disco-ball-shiny-face syndrome....

4. EYESHADOW: try this one! it's a cream base that you can apply and blend with your fingers and it's waterproof. A quick swipe of a peachy or bronzy color won't cake up or crease and will have your lovely peepers looking sultry until you are ready to go home.

5. BLUSH: this one is a winner right off the bat, because it's a cheek stain that doubles as a lip stain. Multi- tasking is the way to go... Looks like nail polish and I have been given VERY strange looks when I pull it out, but trust me on this: a couple of drops on the cheek, blend with your fingers and voila! you have a beautiful sweet pink glow that looks lit from within. Put a bit on the lips for a natural color and top with lip balm. And it comes in three different colors to match your mood!


Julie and Volt (isn't that the greatest name??) got married on the beach, in the most intimate ceremony with just their closest family members. if that was not dreamy enough, their reception took place at the Chanticleer... not bad for their very first visit to Nantucket, right??

Have a look at their gorgeous wedding, as captured by the always awesome Zofia of Zofia & Co.'s blog HERE. Not only the setting was fabulous, but get a good look of that dress!! I saw it, I gasped, I swooned...

These three are truly the nicest people!!

Julie was very clear on what kind of look she wanted for her wedding day: natural and fresh, nothing too dramatic, perfect for a beach wedding... Mascara, light on the eye shadow, a pinch of blush and a nice glossy pink on the lips, done!

For a similar look, you can try: 


Molly and Michael tied the knot a couple of weeks ago at the Great Harbor Yacht Club. What a beautiful day it was! 

I fell madly in love with her dress, an amazing creation in lacy champagne. And the flowers, by Soiree Floral.... dreamy. Check out the wedding on Zofia & Co.'s blog HERE.

Molly wanted a natural look, in keeping with the style of the wedding. I kept eyes and lips light with just enough definition and focused on achieving a glowing complexion, which was not hard to do, since she already has perfect skin...

For a similar look, you can try an illuminating primer under your foundation, followed by a soft cream blush for that lit-from-within glow...

Pretty talk

Beauty - in projection and perceiving - is 99.9% attitude.
— Grey Livingston

A look behind the scenes: A Nantucket FERRY TALE

It's out!!

The latest blACKbook style collaboration: "Ferry Tale", a dreamy portrait of that endless summer Nantucket style, and it's a beauty!

Go check it out here

The shoot took place in two stages: an early morning boat "ride" and, later on in the day, a beach scene. I was allowed to stick around in the morning after my job was done, I love being behind the scenes... and that way I can share some i-Phone shots with  you.  

It was also my girl Kai's debut as a  blACKbook model... she was a total pro! So good, it was not enough for her to look gorgeous, model the prettiest ensembles, and be her usual awesome self... she took it a few steps further and showed us how she can FLY! True story:


The day started REALLY early. Like 4 am early. That's not a time of day that usually sees me dressed and out of the house, but for this project it was worth it.

Even when the days are full of activity and traffic on the island's streets, 4 am still looks like this: pure peace.

This might very well be the first sunrise I've ever seen...

Once makeup and styling were done at the blACKbook headquarters, we headed to the Steamship Authority to get the shoot underway. 

Maria, our photog extraordinaire, and Dan, our no-less-extraordinaire videographer were already there, set up, warmed up and ready to go! There is so much work going on behind the scenes, and a big team of photographer's assistant, film crew, blACKbook interns, etc..., to ensure we get the perfect shot...

This is my fave...

A few more pics ... and the lovely Grey Lady! (click on the photo for more)

And the video by September productions: I LOVE this!

Just this week...

I'm usually not much of a morning person, you could say.... However, when I heard the reason why I needed to get up before 6 am to do makeup I was immediately on board. Look at this beautiful early morning light surrounding Jurgita (and company!) captured by the amazing talent of Maria at Charlotte Carey Photography.

This beauty has PERFECT skin and the most amazing hazel eyes... a touch of plum eyeshadow made the green tones in them pop! 

Talk about pregnancy glow! This soon-to-be mom is radiant.