Take Five: Hot summer winners

Ummm, not sure if you have noticed, but it's summer. Yep, it's hot out. Like really hot. And super humid. 

So here you are, enjoying the long days, the beach, the "al fresco"dining... what you do not enjoy is watching your carefully applied makeup slide right off of your face about 5 minutes after you put it on. 

Worry not, help is on the way! Here are my latest picks to add to your summer arsenal, stay pretty all day and assure you keep as fresh and cool as that frozen margarita you are sipping...

The trick is to stick to light-weight formulas that feel like you're wearing nothing at all and avoid unnecessary products: the less there is on your face, the least prone it will be to melting.

1. MASCARA: if you are like me, mascara tends to transfer onto lids and cheeks for no apparent reson. Oily skin and sweat will do nothing but accelerate the process! Go waterproof: once it dries it's on until you take it off with an oily remover.

2. FOUNDATION: if at  all possible, skip it. If you still need some coverage, try a BB Cream instead. This one by Garnier really covers with a natural color, has a satiny finish and a built-in SPF 15. Bonus!

3. BRONZER: don't bother with powders right now, odds are they won't set right on the skin and might cake up... this little magic potion will give you a subtle hint of bronze color while adding luminosity to the skin... don't abuse it, though, a little is enough, there's a fine line between glowy bronze skin and disco-ball-shiny-face syndrome....

4. EYESHADOW: try this one! it's a cream base that you can apply and blend with your fingers and it's waterproof. A quick swipe of a peachy or bronzy color won't cake up or crease and will have your lovely peepers looking sultry until you are ready to go home.

5. BLUSH: this one is a winner right off the bat, because it's a cheek stain that doubles as a lip stain. Multi- tasking is the way to go... Looks like nail polish and I have been given VERY strange looks when I pull it out, but trust me on this: a couple of drops on the cheek, blend with your fingers and voila! you have a beautiful sweet pink glow that looks lit from within. Put a bit on the lips for a natural color and top with lip balm. And it comes in three different colors to match your mood!