A look behind the scenes: A Nantucket FERRY TALE

It's out!!

The latest blACKbook style collaboration: "Ferry Tale", a dreamy portrait of that endless summer Nantucket style, and it's a beauty!

Go check it out here

The shoot took place in two stages: an early morning boat "ride" and, later on in the day, a beach scene. I was allowed to stick around in the morning after my job was done, I love being behind the scenes... and that way I can share some i-Phone shots with  you.  

It was also my girl Kai's debut as a  blACKbook model... she was a total pro! So good, it was not enough for her to look gorgeous, model the prettiest ensembles, and be her usual awesome self... she took it a few steps further and showed us how she can FLY! True story:


The day started REALLY early. Like 4 am early. That's not a time of day that usually sees me dressed and out of the house, but for this project it was worth it.

Even when the days are full of activity and traffic on the island's streets, 4 am still looks like this: pure peace.

This might very well be the first sunrise I've ever seen...

Once makeup and styling were done at the blACKbook headquarters, we headed to the Steamship Authority to get the shoot underway. 

Maria, our photog extraordinaire, and Dan, our no-less-extraordinaire videographer were already there, set up, warmed up and ready to go! There is so much work going on behind the scenes, and a big team of photographer's assistant, film crew, blACKbook interns, etc..., to ensure we get the perfect shot...

This is my fave...

A few more pics ... and the lovely Grey Lady! (click on the photo for more)

And the video by September productions: I LOVE this!